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Facebook Graffiti

All are drawn in one sitting using a vector drawing app that was available on Facebook for a time in 2007. These can be made into prints but only at certain sizes as they're low res due to the technology. I loved this tool because it was developed by a couple of students in the US, who I spoke to a few times. I don't know if they intended this but the genius attraction was that you had to paint on someone's wall. This meant you were giving artwork to a person. Initially people were scrawling messages on each other's friends 'walls' but I was one of a few people who clearly thought 'what if we took this seriously...?' and we started pushing the boundaries of the tool. I ended up with fans, and competitors (great guys) who used to challenge each other to produce better and better stuff. All within the constraints of a primitive drawing tool. It was great fun and I used to look forward to getting home from work and trying a new idea.

I stopped doing these because they improved the tool which made it easier to create works (great for others but my interest went) and also because I had too much fan-mail to deal with as people used to request pictures and i was too polite so used to talk to all of them. I got exhausted and the creativity waned a bit.

Out of this period i got to experience a bit of fame and also a genuinely exhilarating creative environment that appeared out of nowhere. For me this is the best thing I've ever got out of facebook.

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