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Buying something

I'm really pleased you're interested in buying a piece (at least enough to visit this page).

Generally there are 2 things you could buy.

- The original oil painting itself

- A replica of the original (a print)

Process to buy:

The basic process is simple.  If you do want to buy one, please contact me directly. There are some things worth pointing out.


What is it?:

The original painting; i.e. it's the oil on the canvas. Usually unframed.


I don't set prices, it needs to be based on an offer. Please note, I invest a significant amount of time and resources into each piece so I tend to only sell for a 


Shipping in China is relatively cheap and easy, but shipping outside of China can be expensive and time consuming (China to UK assume over 150GBP for a large canvas)

I do have other methods to transport on occasion but it may take time.


What is it?:

Most of my paintings I've been able to make prints in small numbers on high quality paper. Each print will be hand signed. Occasionally there'll be numbered limited editions, but most editions will be small numbers.

Usually they will be the size stated in the gallery, plus a 2cm border around each side for framing and for me to sign.

Custom sizes are possible.


Mainly varies by size as the costs of production are linked to size (bigger = more expensive).

Shipping of prints is usually signifcantly cheaper than an original but prices depend on the size


What is it?:

These are individual oil paintings on watch dials. To buy one, make an offer to me via contact form, wechat or Instagram.

Commissions are slightly more complicated. The options are to source a watch and dial and get me to paint it, or let me source the watch and dial. We'd need to agree a price in advance.

Watches will also be subject to some disclaimers (because they're vintage things with delicate oil paintings on them!)


Will vary by image complexity and the watch. Usually I'll arrange servicing and replacement straps and crystals in China which is more cost effective. Case polishing and hand restoration or re-luming can also be done. All these are subject to the third party costs which will form part of the price. I'll update the total cost before we finally commit to buying the canvas watch.

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