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The Instruments of my happiness 令我幸福的乐器



30cms (W) x 24cms (H)

Oil on Panel

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A colleague of mine is in an interesting position; she has a job with a good company, good prospects, lives in a big city, everything looks good. The quid pro quo is that the thing she loved to do was play drums in a band. Living in the city and maintaining this lifestyle means that the noise caused by playing drums is a problem so she's unable to continue doing that. I wanted to capture the regret of that. The photo film I've used because she's interested in old school cameras and photography so it was a good aesthetic device to represent the past and also to separate her from the drum-kit. I had a composition dilemma here in that I don't think it's a great practice to but a big black line down the middle of a painting and split it into 2 unevenly proportioned sections. It disrupts the focus of the painting and separates out two aspects. I also had in mind 2 rooms next to each other where you are linked to the noises of your close neighbour (which is a challenge of close quarters city living). Both sides are musical as the subject really loves music but she doesn't hold the same passion for guitar as for drums which had a particular impact on her.

I am interested here in the boundary between individual freedom and collectivism, especially when you have a talent or passion that risks imposing on the freedoms of others (like loud music). To what extent do you need to separate yourself from that in order to live fully in society?

Obviously this particular problem could go away with proper sound insulation in new buildings but that's not the point...

我的一个同事处现在正处在一个有趣的境地。她在一家还不错的公司,做着一份还不错的工作,前景甚好,生活在一个大城市,一切看起来都不错。交换条件是,她曾经喜欢在乐队里打鼓。生活在城市中并保持这种生活方式意味着打鼓带来的噪音是一个问题,因此她无法继续玩架子鼓。我想捕捉这份遗憾。之所以使用胶片,是因为她对老式照相机和摄影感兴趣,因此它是代表过去并将她与架子鼓区分开的很好的美学工具。我在这里遇到构图难题,因为我知道在画中间放一条粗黑线把画分成两个不均匀的部分并不是一个好做法。它破坏了绘画的重点,把图片分成了两块。我脑海里还有这样的画面:2个房间,彼此相邻,隔壁邻居的噪音都彼此相关(对于近距离居住的城市生活来说是个挑战)。 画的两部分都是跟音乐相关,因为画中的主人公真的很喜欢音乐,但她对吉他的热情远不及鼓,架子鼓对她有特别的影响。



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