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Pixellist Cuba 古巴像素榜



70cms (W) x 90cms (H) (tbc)

Oil on Canvas

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This was just a copy of a photo I found on the internet. I haven't been to Cuba. It was a trial for an idea of breaking the painting into little squares (like pixels). I was going to try and get a movement named after me; Pixellism; but could only bring myself to do this one painting.

I took a canvas, and divided it into 64,000 quarter inch squares. It took me several hours to do that as I needed to mark up and draw lines across the canvas which is hard to do when the canvas is bigger than a 30cm ruler. Once Once i'd done that, I then tried to paint each square a single colour; or whatever the 'average' colour was in that square. The fun part of this was trying to preserve the image itself but maintain the concept. By this I mean that i'd have to decide how to make the horse's legs look real enough, even if they didn't fit neatly into each square. It was actually quite interesting to paint the figures and the houses as there was some cleansing variety. However, the road was an almighty ache in the genitals, especially trying to show perspective (the street cobbles needed to get larger closer to the foreground).

I liked the finished piece and the effect was good. It's on permanent loan to my parents.




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