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27mm (W) x 27mm (H)

Oil on Watch Dial

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Advan is a sub-brand of Seiko that was around in the 1970s, usually offering funky dials, interesting case shapes and faceted crystals. I bought this watch because of these cool features but realised upon receipt that the dial was damaged and the bracelet that it came wiith was specifically designed for this serpentine style case. It took me a long long time to think of a design that worked with the case shape as well as the dial that had blue, white and green segments. Something deep-sea related was the obvious idea but i couldn't think of how to make the dial and case consistent. I had the idea of a vintage deep sea diver battling a giant squid and this very quickly linked to another idea of plating the case to make the theme work far more successfully I went for a copper plating for the feeling of the old-style divers. I'd love it if the copper tarnishes over time.....

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