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Indian flower sorters 印度花卉分拣人



25cms (W) x 30cms (H)

Oil on Panel

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I went to a wedding in Goa, India in February 2018. During that trip I went to Agra (where the Taj Mahal is) as part of a stop over in Delhi. India is intoxicating. It's a challenging place; beautiful, crazy, conflicted, colorful. I loved it but didn't have time to absorb a lot. I took a number of photos from the car window driving through the streets where you could get glimpses of this ridiculously vibrant place. I decided to 'fix' some of my blurred photos by painting them. This was taken of a couple of guys talking while apparently sitting next to some piles of flower heads.  I think they were preparing them for use in some festival arrangements. The main thing I was trying to capture was the decayed nature of the walls and road, the textures of flaky plaster and torn paper that seemed to be common outside the immaculate national wonders in india (which are astonishing). Despite this apparent decrepitude, it's visually so interesting. Everywhere you look there are bright colours, contrasting patterns, textures. This painting was intended to capture the visual feel of India.

Unfortunately, I tried to varnish this shortly after I'd finished and the varnish i used ate away at the paint which ruined this painting. I've still got it and maybe i'll repair it one day but at the moment this photo is the best representation of it.

2018年2月我去印度果阿参加了一场婚礼。在那次旅行中,我去了阿格拉(泰姬陵所在的地方),是在德里停留的一部分。印度令人陶醉。是个充满挑战的地方;美丽,疯狂,矛盾,多姿多彩。我喜欢它,但没有时间体会很多东西。车子穿过街道时通过车窗拍了许多照片,可以瞥见这个充满活力的地方。我决定通过绘画对一些模糊的照片进行“修复”。这张照片是几个人在聊天,显然他们是坐在几堆花头旁边。 我觉得他们正在准备把这些花用于某些节日安排。我试图捕捉的主要是墙壁和道路的破旧,片状灰泥和撕碎的纸张的纹理,这些纹理似乎在印度完美无缺的国家奇观(非常令人惊奇)之外是很常见的。尽管这是明显的衰老,看上去还是很有趣。你看到的每一个地方都有鲜艳的颜色,对比鲜明的图案和纹理。这幅画意在捕捉印度的视觉感受。


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