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Blue Fish (the experiment)



27mm (W) x 27mm (H)

Oil on Watch Dial

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This is the very first time i painted on a watch. I didn't bother doing any research or prep and this one i actually did with the naked eye. I was mostly concerned with the layout and flow of the fish than with the color and originally planned to do a blue and red fish rather than blue and white. However i decided that subtle was better for this one so didn't add any red. The brush strokes are quite thick on this which gives it a slightly 3D effect that makes it difficult to photograph but you can't see those with the naked eye. 

The strap choice was also important for this one; whether to match a color in the dial or contrast. I chose a neutral suede which actually works with the overall muted tone to bring out the fish. 

A good happy start in which i learned quite a lot about the process.

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