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Poker players 扑克玩家



36cms (W) x 28cms (H)

Oil on Panel

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I've not walked around every human settlement in China yet, there are a lot, but i'm willing to bet that if you were able to visit every inhabited place, on most days of the year you'd see a group of people huddled around any servicable flat surface playing a game. Most of the time this will be cards (though MahJong is common too). I couldn't not paint it.

I took a bit of a risk with this picture in that I wanted to represent the view you get of these games, but risked the composition. By this i mean that the main thing going on in this situation is the game of cards. That's where the focus of all the players is. But then I chose a structure with the guy on the left obstructing most of the game. This means you get a big bit of blank black/blue paint taking up a fifth of the picture in the place that your eye wants to go. I decided to do this for 2 reasons:

  1. It reflects the view you often get of these games; there are usually so many people huddled around that unless you're prepared to barge your way to the front, you'll only be able to grab a glimpse.

  2. I'm not interested in the cards. I tried to play chinese poker and I don't understand it! I don't actually understand non-chinese poker. So i'm happy to block that off, the main thing i'm trying to communicate is the expressions of the players, and I feel like your eye is forced to only dip into where the cards are temporarily because all the interesting stuff is happening at eye level.





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